Week 12: The internet of things

The internet of things is the phenomenon of devices becoming more and more connected to the internet. Things like: lights, home assistant devices and coffee makers. The general rule being “anything that can be connected, will be connected” (Morgan, J 2014).

With the increase in connectable devices, and the growing market for such devices, “The analyst firm Gartner says that by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices” (Morgan, J 2014). The possibilities that exist with this growing network are endless, imagine a world where your car can tell your house you’re 30 minutes away, and the aircon can make the house a nice temperature for when you arrive. Or when you pull onto the driveway late at night, the house turns the lights on, no more need to waste electricity leaving them on as you go out, or fumble around in the dark when you come home.

Connected technology is an exciting prospect, but it does bring with is some risks of exploitation as mention in previous weeks. Hopefully we can manage that well as a society to ensure we can reap the benefits of this new technology, whilst maintaining privacy and security in our own homes.

Morgan, J 2014, ‘A Simple Explanation Of ‘The Internet Of Things”, Forbes.com

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 4.19.06 pm


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  1. First of all, epic remediation! Although, I love the simplistic and happy lives dogs have (which we could all learn from) and would probably not connect any dog to the internet. UNLESS it meant that I could take them everywhere with me haha! It’s hard to know what the future of these objects are and whether they will be beneficial or not. I really do hope that humanity will remember to step back from technology at times.
    Do you think people would be more interested in these house connected objects if they weren’t expensive? I personally don’t think that I would, but it’s hard to say what the future holds considering new generations are born into these technological environments.
    However, I do think that many technological inventions to come will be created to benefit society. Here are a few examples in this article, including Breathalyser cars > https://www.sciencefocus.com/future-technology/future-technology-22-ideas-about-to-change-our-world/
    I think to improve your blog post you should add in some links to other sources. Your post would also improve with further explanation of the risks of exploitation. Once again, awesome remediation!


  2. I like how you envision the positive aspects that the Internet integration can have on our livelihoods. I think it’d be worth considering what possible aspects could automated with this. As an example, your alarm goes off in the morning and get and turn it off. Turning it off lets the system know your awake and could let the coffee machine begin to make your morning brew.

    I thinks also worth mentioning that products like google home and alexa can been as the pioneering tech of what have envisioned.


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