Week 10: Digital Resistance

Hacktivism as the name suggests is the use of system hacking for activist reasons. These reasons are mostly driven by political or social motives. In most circumstances, and certainly in the most well known cases, hacktivism is used to bring to light government classified documents that the hacker believes should be public knowledge.

A well known example of this is Julian Assange’s website WikiLeaks. Launched in 2006 WikiLeaks is a site that leaks news stories, documents and information to the public which is posted by anonymous sources. The first video they released, known as Project B, was a “video taken by a U.S. attack helicopter, showing what sounded like a trigger-happy crew killing civilians alongside their intended targets” (Benkler, Y 2011). To this date they have released a total of 10 million secret documents, more than the combined total of all other global media outlets.

Benkler, Y. (2011) ‘A free irresponsible press: Wikileaks and the battle over the soul of the networked fourth estate’, p. 1-33


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