Week 7: iOS vs Android

When choosing phones, most people seem concerned primarily with camera quality, storage space and screen size before they are concerned with software accessibility.

Apple and Google have two vastly different approaches to software. With Apple, iPhone users are restricted within a walled garden, by contrast Google allows much more freedom of access to Android users. Apple however used to have this same philosophy, the Apple II was a revolutionarily open platform.

This all changed with the launch of the iPhone. Apple controls everything that can be put on the iPhone, any apps available for download have to be approved. Whereas with Android, any user can download any app they choose.

These two approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Apple’s approach allows for ease of use, you are guided through the software rather than left completely to your own imagination. For some people, for instance some older members of my family, this is helpful because they find other phones confusing. However others prefer to have complete control over their device and resent the feeling that a company should tell them how to use their phone, or indeed restrict them from using certain apps.

In the end it’s all a question of user preference.

Zittrain, J. (2010) ‘A fight over freedom at Apple’s core’. Financial Times, February 3.

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  1. The battle between the platforms is quite extensive. Apple operating within the walled garden is indeed a simpler method that can be operated by anyone, however, Apple has generated a stigma surrounding their products to the point that users may not be as vocal about their iPhone but are far more loyal to the product and will continue to be a part of the Apple family no matter if the device is good or not. Your remediation is quite funny in the way that Android users are far more vocal about their preference.


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