Week 6: Walled Gardens

The feudalisation of the internet refers to the comparable behaviour of internet websites and corporations and the medieval hierarchy of King, Barron, Peasant etcetera. An example of this is the manor in which Facebook, Google, and amazon etc. control the data of their users. Within this feudal internet system exist walled gardens, where users can exist in a pleasant environment whilst remaining confined by certain parameters.

Where feudal society was based around the control of land and resources, the feudal system of the internet is controlled by information. The one who controls the avenues of information controls the population and reaps the reward.

A great example of this is Facebook messenger, when I talk to friends and family in the UK, amongst them their primary messaging app is WhatsApp, however in Australia within my social circle Facebook messenger is the primary means of communication. I therefore exist within a walled garden whereby I obey the parameters set in place by Facebook, both visible and invisible, in order to communicate more effectively with my primary social circles. Similarly, because I already use Facebook in Australia, the way I communicate with friends and family in the UK is also through Facebook. However if for instance WhatsApp was more prevalent in my Australian social circles, I would have no need for my Facebook account and would delete it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 2.40.37 pm


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